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Pain: Emotional and Psychological Effects, Acute and Chronic


Pain serves as a warning of threat to your body. While some forms of pain naturally dissipate as the body heals itself, pain in general shouldn’t be ignored. Whatever is causing it can be serious and, if not addressed, can eventually become incurable and life-threatening.

Burke Chiropractic Center’s chiropractors don’t give pain a chance to turn into our patients’ worst nightmare. Through our chiropractic treatments, we relieve pain quickly and nip it in the bud so that you can live a healthy, pain-free life. We know exactly what pain can do; apart from the physical pain, it can also take its toll on your mind and emotions.


Psychological and Emotional Effects of Pain

At the early stages of any pain symptom, it may not yet have lasting effects on your emotional and psychological well-being. As hours of suffering extend into days and even weeks, however, you might notice changes in your perspective and behavior.

Soon you will become less tolerant to stress, making you easily irritated or angered. You will have a lasting feeling of frustration that becomes a source of depression, which can result in a greater tragedy. For these reasons, you must seek treatment from a certified chiropractor to address the symptoms as well as the cause/s.


Acute Pain and Chronic Pain

Pain can be categorized into acute and chronic. Acute pain and chronic pain don’t pertain to mild pain caused by getting a small cut or having sore muscles after a workout. Instead, pain that falls under these two categories lasts for weeks or months and sometimes have an unknown source.

The main difference between acute pain and chronic pain is the duration for which they last. Acute pain normally lasts only for several weeks to less than six months, while chronic pain lasts longer than six months. Either category, however, can be addressed with excellent chiropractic care.



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General Pain

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